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Bonded Contractor in Providence

As a growing enterprise and bonded contractor, Heroica Construction recognizes the owner’s need to ensure the financial security and performance assurance for their construction project. While other general contractors may only be able to provide alternative forms of financial security, such as a letter of credit, you could be exposing your business to a risky (and costly) situation if the contractor’s qualifications or dedication to the project are compromised.

When working with Heroica Construction, you can feel 100% confident with the performance and payment protection provided by our bonding. We have undergone rigorous sureties prequalifications to asses our ability to meet current and future obligations, prove access to necessary equipment, validate our experience to execute on contract requirements, and demonstrate a track record of excellent credit.


Largest Job Size Over $2,000,000
Single Job Size Over $2,000,000
Aggregate Over $4,000,000

Insurance & Coverages

General Liability $3,000,000
Workman's Compensation $1,000,000
Automobile Liability $1,000,000
Umbrella Insurance $10,000,000