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3 Qualities to Look for in Construction Management Style

3 Qualities to Look for in Construction Management Style

When looking to hire a general contractor, be on the lookout for teams with a strong construction management style. There are currently 7.8 million production workers throughout the U.S. construction industry. A manager in charge of any number of these people needs to handle their authoritative position as thoroughly as possible by covering all the essentials.

Here are some of the things you should consider paying close attention to when looking for a general contractor with a thorough construction management style:

1. Focus on Construction Accident Prevention

In any industry, the most important thing is ensuring the safety of employees. In the construction market, where some jobs require intense effort and involve dangerous heights, safety is even more important. To ensure you’re hiring a team with the proper safety and construction management skills, you can ask  if  management and employees have enrolled in a general contractor safety program that included information on how to prevent serious on-the-job accidents. By taking these construction safety courses, the team will have improved their knowledge of accident prevention and how employees should handle each task. They also would have learned about the essential safety gear needed for each job, how to operate various machines, and other construction accident prevention best practices.

2. Keeping the Construction Site Clean

Whether the job takes place inside a large industrial warehouse or out in a field, make sure that your construction manager takes a look around the entire area and removes any unnecessary items or clutter. If there are any spills or unessential items lying around on a construction site, these could end up causing harm to the workers doing their jobs. It’s the manager’s responsibility to remove any and all hazards from the construction area.

3. Experienced, Safety-Conscious Employees on the Job

A good construction manager doesn’t hire just anyone for certain construction jobs that require major work. In addition to safety training, you should mention to the team manager your concern about each team member’s commitment to safety. Each member of your general contractor’s team should be highly trained in the construction industry and is fully aware of the importance of safety, not to mention a job well done.

If you want to learn more about the construction industry or more about construction management and accident prevention, contact Heroica Construction today.


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