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AS A Community Development Corporation

You Advocate For Them, We Build For You

multi family housing constructionAs a Community Development Corporation, you work tirelessly to create strong, sustainable communities through the empowerment of local residents, the championing of fair and equal opportunity housing, and the leading of revitalization efforts. To bring families home, you need an equally passionate network of businesses at your side – and we want help develop your multi family housing construction builds.

Heroica Construction is not only committed to single and multi-family affordable housing construction in Providence, but we are driven by the much larger vision of providing a foundation where families and their communities can thrive.

Why CDC's Choose To Work With Heroica Construction:

Accident prevention, a critical function of any operation, can only be successful when all employees, subcontractors, and partners give their full cooperation. Heroica Construction has not had a single claim during our entire existence; in fact, our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is .84, an outstanding achievement for any contractor in business.

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While working hand-in-hand with CDC’s, we understand the critical need for proper bonding to ensure financial and performance security for your community development project. We have an aggregate liability coverage of $3M with an umbrella of $10M, and are bonded by a treasury listed surety company.

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Heroica Construction works diligently to create an environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, respect, and teamwork. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), our team has a vested interest in collaborating with a diverse network of subcontractors, suppliers, and clients.

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The success of each and every project we complete begins and ends with our team of dedicated construction professionals. In addition to staffing our own team of A+ players, we work with only the best partners, subcontractors, and suppliers in order to achieve the highest value for our clients.

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You, better than most organizations, understand that core values are more than just words. It’s a calling to help change the course of  lives across our communities. No matter the difficult challenges we face, one thing never changes – our core values. As a company, we relentlessly pursue great service, safety, integrity, quality craftsmanship, accountability, and professionalism.

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At Heroica Construction, we are firm believers that the right technology helps drive success. From the initial estimation to the final deliverable, our team uses specialized construction management technology to map all stages of your community development project to ensure key scheduling, budget, and performance criteria are met.

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Driven by a pursuit of meaningful development, Heroica Construction brings an innate ability to get the job right – on time and within budget. Through our multi family housing construction project spotlight, we are able to showcase how our skilled team of professionals, expansive suite of services, and continuous industry growth combines to create an unparalleled customer experience.

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