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Featured Testimonial - The Procaccianti Group

My name is Steve Perfetto and I am Senior Construction Executive for The Procaccianti Group (TPG). TPG owns many high-end hotel chains and commercial properties in Rhode Island and surrounding region. I met Jhonny Leyva when he competed for and won the renovation contract for the Holiday Inn, South Kingstown. I was impressed by his ability to plan, coordinate, execute, and deliver the project through the management of his workforce, subcontractors, and vendors. Excellent workmanship and seamless problem solving prevented against any impact on the operations of the hotel, which remained in business during the renovation.

Since the successful completion of that project, Heroica Construction has finished two other major projects for TPG: the renovation of the bar & lounge at the Hilton Providence and general kitchen repairs at the Hilton Wyndham Gardens.  I am pleased with the involvement Heroica had in helping TPG coordinate subs and vendors that were not a part of their contract. These vendors mainly provided services to the bar (soda and beer lines, bar sinks and equipment, millwork) and other areas of the project. The Heroica Construction team worked closely with the interior designer to coordinate and resolve design issues. They also provided craftsmen to hang artwork, memorabilia, and pictures that were not specified on the drawings. Their willingness to help with the aforementioned items resulted in a spectacular finish, which has been well received by the hotel management staff and general public.

Renovation of the Bar, Lounge, Dining Room and Public Restrooms, Holiday Inn, Kingston, Rhode Island 

The scope of work for this transformative project consisted of renovations to some of the most coveted, high-traffic locations within the hotel such as the lobby, restaurant, and bar. Services provided included selective demolition, concrete cutting, rough and finish carpentry, drywall, ceilings, millwork, painting, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and more. Additional interior fit-out work was also completed for the restrooms, front desk, office, and kitchen. I was satisfied with the manner in which the project was executed and subsequently closed out with final inspections and a certificate of occupancy.

Hilton Wyndham Gardens Kitchen Renovation, India Point, Providence Rhode Island

Although small in size, this project was just as important to TPG in order to service the hotel’s patrons to the standard we are accustomed to providing. Heroica Construction was chosen for this project based on the outstanding effort and high quality workmanship they provided on the Holiday Inn project. The scope of work for this contract involved the installation of new FRP wall panels, patching and installing new ceramic wall tiles, and epoxy painting the kitchen floor. I was happy to negotiate this contract to the benefit of TPG and Heroica, and even happier to say this project was completed on time and on budget.

Renovation of the Sports Bar, Lounge and Dining Room, Hilton Providence, Providence Rhode Island

Set in the center of the downtown commercial district, this high profile project required the utmost care to ensure the restaurant remained in service during the renovation. Heroica Construction provided services including selective demolition, concrete saw cutting, rough & finish carpentry, acoustical tile ceilings, painting, wall covering, wiring, and the reconfiguration of plumbing and bar equipment to accommodate the new layout. Additionally, they installed a tongue and groove wood product on the ceiling over the updated bar, new porcelain and quarry floor tiles, and specialized lighting fixtures across the bar, lounge, and dining areas.

Heroica Construction is a general contractor that self-performs a wide variety of finishing work guaranteed to take your project to the next level. Since inception, our mission has been to provide an unparalleled customer experience achieved by friendly, responsive communication, efficient craftsmanship, and continuous industry growth. Focused on multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, Heroica brings an innate ability to get the job done right – on time and within budget. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), have an aggregate liability coverage of $3M with an umbrella of $10M, and are bonded by a treasury listed surety company.

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