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Planning and coordinating to exceed expectations


We keep your project grounded

Before resources are planned and budgets are finalized, a feasibility study is critical to establish whether or not your project is viable. As a part of our comprehensive pre-construction services, Heroica Construction can perform a series of assessments to help our clients make decisions based on accurate information.

Our team will conduct a series of assessments including site visits, an economic analysis, supplier qualifications, and concept design review. In return, you can expect accurate information to prepare a business case and a determination of any potential risk factors.

We keep your project on-budget

At Heroica Construction, we are firm believers that preconstruction and the right technology helps drive success. Our in-house estimators use the latest digital software to quickly provide accurate takeoffs and estimates based on your project requirements.

Not only do our estimators have an extensive working knowledge of the industry, but they also take a hands-ons approach actively managing their own projects in the field. With this mix of technology and talent, you can feel confident that you’re receiving accurate and current pricing at all stages of preconstruction.

We keep your project sustainable

When trying to stay in budget and on time, proper procurement strategies are crucial to maximizing value and minimizing waste. Starting in the preconstruction phase, our estimators provide real-time, accurate takeoffs and estimates to reduce future change orders and combat escalating costs.

Our network of tried-and-tested suppliers are provided with comprehensive instructions and schedules, which means everyone shares a common understanding of material delivery dates and the individual responsibilities needed to execute the project.

We keep your project on-track

Defining and maintaining a sustainable schedule sets the stage for the execution of your project. By anticipating and accounting for both major milestones and individual construction activities, our skilled project managers clear the path for successful scheduling integration.

Your project’s schedule will outline start and finish dates, manage subcontractor deliverables, identify additional site activities, and cohesively map to the architect’s design. All team members share realistic expectations and a sense of accountability, resulting in a continuous channel of communication.

We keep your project safe

Injury to workers, damage to equipment, and time-consuming delays are usually the result of poor planning and supervision. At Heroica Construction, we believe that proper preparation, expert knowledge, and cautious judgment sets the standard for accident prevention on all projects.

Prior to breaking ground on any construction project, a site-specific safety plan is developed with the owner in compliance with OSHA regulations. This safety plan is then provided to all subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers we work with. We are determined to operate to the best of our ability in order to end each day incident and injury free.