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Lead Based Paint Removal Might Save Your Family

Lead Based Paint Removal Might Save Your Family

Families across the country experience lead poisoning right in their own home. Recent EPA studies have shown that 1.7 million children have unsafe blood-lead levels that can be prevented with lead based paint removal.

The Health Risks of Lead:

The majority of lead poisoning comes from lead-based paint. When your body absorbs lead, it causes damage to the nervous system and your kidneys. Moreover, overexposure to lead can cause learning disabilities, seizures, and in the worst cases death. Owners used lead-based paint in most of the buildings built before 1978. When researchers learned about the adverse effects of lead-based paint, they put laws in place to help fight the dangers. For example, lead based paint removal has affected buildings that provide child care, in addition to lead safety procedures.

The EPA and Center for Disease Control recommend some steps if your building contains lead-based paint. They suggest that you vacuum regularly, wash your child’s hands and toys, and use cold water for drinking. However, in our opinion, the best and most practical choice is to rid your house of lead paint.

Lead Dangers in Rhode Island:

According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, the number of new lead cases has decreased. It had gone from 25% in 2002 to just 4% in 2015. While 4% of new cases still threaten many communities, an increased 6% of new cases trouble families in low-income areas and “core cities”. The Department of Health defines “core cities” as those where the child poverty level is above 15%. Their data shows that while the number of buildings with lead paint has decreased in the past ten years, core cities such as Providence, Central Falls, and Pawtucket, continue to suffer. 

Our Process for Lead Based Paint Removal:

In our work, Heroica constantly sees buildings that are still affected by unsafe levels of lead paint. At the end of the day, we care most about your satisfaction and well-being when it comes to the work we do. Through our EPA certification, we learned the skills necessary to ensure safe builds. Our project managers are experts on how to lock down tainted areas. We gained the means to create air-locks to verify that no lead dust leaves our sites. By working with the Department of Health and the EPA, we put the time in so your family will never have to go through the horrors of lead poisoning.



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