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The Family that Built Heroica

The Family that Built Heroica

When Yonny Leyva started Heroica Construction in 2007, he didn’t do it alone. With Father’s Day right behind us, our team wanted to take the time to honor the people who have made our ongoing journey possible.

Jhonny, Harold and Yonny Leyva

Yonny decided to go into business with his two sons Jhonny and Harold Leyva when they created Heroica Construction, then known as Heroica Painting Inc. Jhonny was a young man fresh out of Bryant University. As they discussed their family’s future, the Leyva’s recognized where their strengths and weaknesses complimented each other. Harold and Yonny had the expert carpentry and painting skills while Jhonny was primed to run the business. Eventually, Jhonny would buy Heroica from his father to become its president.

Heroica began working as a subcontractor for a painting company. As they struggled to form their business, Jhonny talks about his father’s optimism.

He says, “Yonny is always positive. Growing up with him as a dad, and then as a business partner, I learned to have the mindset that nothing is impossible.”

However, growth requires sacrifice. In 2007 Yonny decided to give up a steady job and take the risk to support Heroica’s future. He believed in his sons’ ability to persevere through the Great Recession and build something great. At Heroica, family stretches beyond blood. A key part of Jhonny’s story has been his role advocating for equality as the president of the Black Contractors Association (BCA).


Jhonny Leyva and Stanford Cameron

Jhonny has been committed to increasing the rights of people of color since he was in college. At the Center to Advance Minorities in Construction Jhonny met Stanford Cameron. Stan was the former president and one of the founders of the Black Contractor’s Association. During a conversation about a business to business sell sheet, Stan sensed Jhonny and Heroica’s potential.

Stan says, “I saw this young man and could feel his ambition, he was hungry. But more than that, I could tell he was trustworthy, and I saw the future of construction in him.”

Stan, a long-time industry expert, went on to mentor Jhonny and continues to work for and with Heroica today. Heroica sees the best in our employees. We value all you have put in to help us as we continue to expand and flourish. As Heroica has moved from a subcontractor to a general contractor, we’ve filled out our family even more. We look to work for and with the types of companies who know the importance of human ties and hard work.


We bring the same zeal for our employees to our buildings. To learn more about Heroica, our values, and the place to start your next project, you can visit us here.


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