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Heroica’s Painting gives back to the community.

Heroica’s Painting gives back to the community.

The Center to Advance Minority Participation in the Construction Industry is “a non-profit organization that serves as a business incubator and training facility for minority youth and adults throughout Rhode Island. The Center’s purpose is to increase their participation in building-related trades and businesses.” 
The Center contacted Heroica’s Painting to see if we would help them paint the rear building which was in need of a paint job.  In September 20, 2008 Heroica’s Painting mechanically sanded, scraped, primed and painted the rear building located on 570 Broad St in Providence, RI. We not only helped paint the building but we assisted the students on how to properly caulk, sand and spray the building. 
This service reflects some of Heroica’s core fundamental values of giving back to the community, civic responsibility and engagement.  We were happy to have worked on this project and served this community, and we look forward to participating in other acts of service in the future. 


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