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3 Important Steps to Remember When Looking to Hire a General Contractor

3 Important Steps to Remember When Looking to Hire a General Contractor

Whether you’re dealing with construction in a multi-family complex, hotel, commercial building, or industrial building, it’s important to work with experienced and professional general contractors. Rather than attempting to do these major construction jobs yourself, which can lead to serious problems, hire a general contractor that will provide you with the highest quality work.

Before you hire a general contractor, however, you have to make sure that you’re dealing with the right construction team and contractors. Here’s what you should verify before any projects begin:


Be Sure You’re Dealing With Licensed Contractors

If you’re not dealing with a licensed and bonded residential contractor, you could end up having serious problems down the line. It’s important to converse with the prospective contractor prior to any jobs starting to make sure they are, in fact, licensed contractors. As you meet with various companies in an attempt to get a contracting bid, simply ask them to show you their license and picture I.D. If they can’t provide you with this important information, you might want to look elsewhere.


Validate That The Contractors Have the Right Skills For The Job

Although having a license is a good indicator of possessing the necessary knowledge to accomplish these construction tasks, it’s not always enough. Be sure to have a thorough conversation with your prospective contractor prior to any bidding in order to ensure they are familiar with general construction tasks and procedures. Ask them about the three Fs, which stand for footings, foundation, and framing. If they don’t mention anything about ‘pouring the footers,’ or any use of concrete for support, they might not know the best practices of the trade or have enough experience to help you.


Make Sure They Follow Safety Precautions

In addition to having a legitimate license and knowing how to properly perform your construction job, it’s important that when you hire a general contractor they know how to do everything in a safe manner. If they are unaware of safety regulations and precautions before they start a job, they could subsequently cause harm to themselves or someone else, which you simply cannot have on your project site. Be sure they know how to stay safe while performing construction tasks.

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