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4 Hotel Lobby Renovation Ideas: Creating an Oasis for Hotel Guests

4 Hotel Lobby Renovation Ideas: Creating an Oasis for Hotel Guests

When planning for your hotel lobby renovation, it is important to consult the right general contractor and architect to keep your project on track. Heroica Construction has experience in hospitality construction and can add the right architect to your next project. Here is what you should know before you recreate your space:

Create an Authentic Lobby Space For Your Guests
Many travelers enjoy immersing themselves into the local culture whether they are traveling for business or leisure. One simple way to incorporate this is to have iconic images of the area or art from nearby artists in your lobby. Aside from visuals people will want to taste the regional flavors. Make sure your restaurant menu has the local favorites!

Allow Your Guest to Indulge in Local Cuisine Favorites
Your guest will want to eat with you if your dining area looks inviting and relaxing. Include a bar area along with a sit down area with a full menu for guests. Creating an authentic space by serving foods that are unique to the area. Having a snack bar and/or a small convenient store right in your lobby area not only is a bonus for guests, but creates opportunity for more revenue. Along with the dining area, throughout the day in the lobby space you should have free water available to your guests as they come and go.

Hotel Lobby Renovation
Provide an Area For Business Professionals
Traveling business professionals will need an area to complete work or review meetings and conferences they attended. Providing an area for the professional to work will eliminate loud group meetings in the middle of the lobby which disrupt other guests’ conversations and check in process. In your hotel lobby renovation, include semi-private meeting spaces separate from the lounge area. This will allow small groups to meet and work without being disruptive to the other guests. Make sure these areas are equipped with charging stations and free WiFi to allow for virtual meetings and internet access.

The Lobby Area Is a Place For Guests To Experience The Personality of The Hotel
Create a multi-use, convenient, and relaxing area with comfortable seating to allow guests to lounge. This area should focus on different types of seating, ranging from cozy couches to tables and chairs. It should not feel crowded and loud, but feel spacious and quiet. Make sure this area has a few televisions for people to watch while they sit an relax. It’s a bonus if there’s fireplace to warm up next to on cooler nights!

When considering all these ideas for your hotel lobby renovation, remember to think of your guests. If your guests are families on vacation, add a few child-size tables and amenities. If your venue fits the characteristics of a five-star hotel, fill the space with luxury decor and a full bar.

Contact Heroica Construction for a hand in creating an oasis for your guests.


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